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Hill AFT

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 How does it work?
The Hill AFT is an air powered automatic flexion. It is the perfect choice for therapists who want a full-featured automatic flexion table without the need for manual flexion.


Advanced Air-Power
Smooth air- power, commanded and channeled by advanced on-board intelligence... all at your fingertips make it nearly effortless & flexes your patient comfortably on a cushion utilizing compressed air.

Flexion Therapy
Hill AFT can contribute to postural imbalances and helps to relieve back and neck pain resulting from the pressure on the spinal nerves and intra-discal pressure.







You can choose from the available models according to your specific needs:

AFT (Manual Drop)
• The AFT table (Manual Drop) is equipped with three manual drops including cervical, thoracic and lumbar drop.

Deluxe AFT (Air Drop)
• The Deluxe AFT table (Air Drop) is equipped with four air-drops including cervical, thoracic, lumbar and pelvic drop each is activated by tapping the foot pedal.
• The AFT table is also provided with Air-thoracic Breakaway.


  • • The Hill AFT is perfect for doctors who want a full-featured flexion chiropractic table.
    • So smooth, so responsive & nearly Effortless (minimal power needed), also automatic repetitive movements enhance doctor's efficiency while maintaining patient’s comfort.
    • There’s no table like it. Your patient flexes comfortably on a cushion utilizing compressed air. The table responds fluently to just a few pounds of force which empowering your skills as an agent of healing.
    • Save more time and effort for the therapist during treatment that allow him to treat more patients per day.

    The General Air-Flex Technical Specifications and Features:
    • Variable speed motorized flexion.
    • Removable tiller bar at foot-end.
    • Tilting Headpiece, 30° negative and positive tilt.
    • Thoracic release and lock.
    • Pelvic section has lateral flexion and can be locked at any angle up to 21°.
    • Slide-out ankle support with ankle harnesses.
    • Adjustable patient gripper bar.
    • Patient Shut-Off Switch.
    • Height electrically controlled with dual rocker foot pedals
    • Width 61 cm / Height 55 cm to 74 cm.
    • Choice of 20 vinyl colors for the top.
    • Beige, Grey or Black thermo-plastic base cover with Microban® Antimicrobial Protection.


Available Colors




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